Saturday, 20 February 2010

大日子~一个好开始 wuhoo~~

we're in wuhoo yr now~~~happy tiger yr!!!whee...bck frm kuantan&kl trip..has been fully utilised my holiday..watched big soldier, 72 tenants of prosperity n percy jackson all in at once...phew~~ n N N..i went to kpg berserah instead going cherating since the time only allows me to choose either,kpg berserah was the 1 since it took much shorter time...really has a nice view thr,just bit regret get more time 2 search for the 'pondok'&fun at the beach...stil the same, photos will b uploaded as soon...haha...n felt happy can fun crazily with those little cousins..suyen,i think i knw y u called me as 'big children' sometimes

n the trip has been cond with kl at the 2nd last day,we has shopped at 1utama for the whole day once bck frm kuantan...n get 1 formal(my 1st clothe) among all those parties clothes frm forever 21~~haha...

finally finally, reached ip by 2day noon n rushing to attend frens bbq's felt grateful able to meet up almost all the old frens (frm other primary schools as well)...n the party times will b cond for this weekend...haha...goin bck for work on mon n N N again last day will b on 25th!!!hahaha...penang n convo will coming up too...end of feb with hustle n bustle?haha...., actually would like to tell u here d..anyway,the call tht day covered some of yr curiousity?haha... offcially start on 1st dy of cny lo..adv will b thr's no pro on both families side le, quite giving me freedom n respect as wat i wish not sticky n act both of us keep busy with own programme with frens(this is the point i believe i able to make the balance amg frens,family n us)haha ...will b long distance relationship..i think this relationship will b giving me an extra factor on making decision going bck to kl for my further career base? only intro to u guys (esmee n others) when stable le k?(u met him so many times b4,can skip intro? ;P) feel bit tension whn thinking wat he wish to get stable n more longer relationship,felt like im really like a wild horse,uncontrollable...m i making the right decision???

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