Wednesday, 23 June 2010

demolition of pudu prison

A para frm wikipedia on introduction of our pudu jail-"The Pudu Prison was built in 1895 as a prison in Malaysia near the centre of Kuala Lumpur. It was used to house criminals including drug offenders and was a location for administering corporal punishment by rotan caning. The canings were administered in a special "caning area", so marked, not inside the building but in the grounds. It is no longer used as a prison and while it was once open as a museum, it is currently a police station and can be viewed only from the outside. (A clear view is obtained from the monorail train between Imbi and Hang Tuah stations.) Currently, it serves as a day-holding facility for prisoners attending court hearings." Pudu Prison a.k.a Pudu Jail was built by the British in 1895 as a prison in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur area and it had once displayed the world's longest mural.

This could be another landmark reminding Malaysians and tourists of the place, where local&foreign prisoners and prisoners of war from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Japanwere once held during World War 2. However, there's decision to tear down the 114-year-old prison made by gov which studied the matter and decided that it's not a heritage site and will not be turned into one. no effort being shown by gov in retaining part of the historic Pudu jail, num of objections frm various authorities which would like to preserve for posterity tho.

Despite public objection to the citys historic landmark being destroyed, demolition work continued for the project, aimed at easing traffic congestion in the area with construction of an underpass. The road expansion project costing about RM83 million will enable motorists to bypass the crossroads next to the old prison.
Besides that, gov has another plan of developing with UDA Holdings which it will becomes a mixed development zone would include a transit centre serviced apartments office spaces recreational areas hotel and commercial spaces that generates profit.

the moment watching the pudu jail being demolished whn passing by last nite, sad and regret as i can expressed and no intention to stop my walk. as own point of view, isnt a heritage much more valued than developing? anyway, there's a fact to be.

Monday, 21 June 2010

cloudy days ahead

hm...seems not a really good day for me on early the sense at a sudden last nite that i will be receiving the result usual, opened my mail accounts whn reached,  received an email which my application failed due to the feedback of interviewer need to improve english language after asking for the reason of failure. hm...feel bit down and unfair to me frankly after get this feedback. i thought the reason of failure will b my rude attitude when keep shooting by the interviewer on the same matter during the directors' session and i felt frustrated on answering them anymore. get scolded by mum bcoz of my temper whn telling her the reason of the result and the interview conversations. doubting: M i really so easy to let ppl read into my mind thru expression?sigh-iiiing...

well,it's just felt like i quite 'fan jian'(chinese) on the deed done. reject a company that i dun really want a week ago and being rejected by the co i want a week after. has a stronger determination to seek job in spore after receiving this result...just like msg/hint/guide given frm god whr should i lead to...u give,n take away from me..which yr going to give sth new into my life? anyway,further on depositing resume process  to some interested companies been searched in kl n spore..wish myself luck...i need a career,i need money to survive,need to think for my future...just put aside the other matters at this moment now..

'when u believe there's good,it'll be good'..cloudy days will be away....

Friday, 21 May 2010

fei lou n fei poh trip???

ok,did sth crazy...v had our sing k session on wed nite and had made it for 8hours non stop!!!!marvelous!!!haha...there's a special n abit to describe the situation?abit bit chaos..there's a cake delivered to our room(sing k package taken) n suddenly made our mind to celebrate khien's bday earlier...n bit out of control v get the cream frm the cake n 'helping' each other to make up on face...ends up 4 of us became kitten's looks....yes v all did enjoy on this session besides jacky enjoyed his sleeping time thr.....

thinking of the end of the stories?definitely not!!!! we had our lunch together with diff gang of ppl get together...-weiqi,susu,khien,elwes,petai(peter)ng n jacky(hvn get a 'special' name for him yet tim)..had the food tht v like:- butter milk chic,marmite bones, sizzling toufu, mongo chic...yums nice lunch?cheras~klang~tg malim~ipoh...fetched 2kee siao guy to ipoh n make our journey all just act like kee siao....dinner at tg malim.loves the 'yuet gong hor' so miss it...n finally be home!!!yea!!!

joined the 2 kee siao guy ipoh makan trip with the dimsum and tea time @starbucks....n v really hm...bit bit make our reputation spoilt...keep laughing keep nonsenc-ing...n it makes us feel full?haha....n there's a name of this 5 ppl called as fei lou fei po gang....5 of us also love to to seek nice food....waiting for the following nice makan trip in future ;)

Monday, 17 May 2010


2weeks left to grab all notes into my mind...physically n mentally stress have...everyday busy n rushing of works,handling those stupid matter which really examining my EQ and really just would like to get resolve by way else...n fighting with the nite time left for studying....n ofcoz a cup of coffee at least for everyday..;) every moment every min i have is a treasure...will i get crazy soon?thinking so...too much stress on myself which made me emo&cry easily lately...sorry guys which made trouble to u all...i knw u guys try to cheer me up yet this my problem to get away frm the nervous n scare..frankly,i stil rmb the advices tht seek frm tian hou temple...i knw i need a stronger will on my determination to go through...i want to overcome it which believe that my will can affect to my fate instead controlling by others.yet sometimes..i will think of giving up while the time migraine&gastric come together(fragile?) of attraction: i will be a strong spider,i can beat all these down n get wat i want..i want to pass my exam.i want to achieve wat i planned for my future.

would like to participate the star walk...but...nvm,there's a chance for following yr,missed twice tho...cant wait for sing k session,chilling out after exam...yuhoo!!!!!excited on that le...tho bit bit sua ku...;P

pain....should i have strong feel on this?i dunno..the moment decision made n everything seems controlled by u instead of me,i have disqualified to say so...i not dare to look back n just keep looking forward to get some way to resolve. in fact,im not those gal type which will keep crying,sad n ask u think twice for breaking up matter. wat should i response when yr fren try to explain on behalf of u? 3months past leh.significantly,u have no confident and trust me. do u ask for my view when making decision not to involve and get me apart frm all these n bear by yrself?

sometimes....i really just wish to get an ordinary life instead of excitement all the times...just a simple yet interesting life..this is wat i really not those mind with complication....happy with family n frens thts all... 'shua xin ji' really....sure lose....basically,i will just announce u as winner...'jin shui bu fan he shui'...dun kacau me la....

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


没什么特别的东西记载,却只需要一通管道让我发泄这无形的压力情绪,压抑得让我开始喘不过气了...太多无法确定的事情还需要谢谢去解决,尤其是自己未来的日子..自己的命运掌握在自己的手里,每一步踏进社会里的路都得三思而行..不同的选择也必定造就完全不一样的人生.生命中不可承受之情,就在于人生没有重来 的机会啊。

考试的压力存在也开始明显成形了 已无法去忽略了 也不能再逃避什么了...现在的我 是迷茫地,无从开始..虽然有时候的我拥有冒险家的精神, 只可惜永远在学业上都派不上场. 习惯性逃避 习惯性懦弱 习惯性地害怕... 在我人生里,什么都不怕 就是怕考试和感情方面...眼泪也只是用在考试..可笑吧? 近来围绕着我的思绪都是我是否选择对的道路而行...朋友们想不透为何我会选择行政秘书这科,是因为我的性格吗?曾经的它让我觉得蛮挑战性的,让我拥有个奋斗的目标..而现在,它确实压力的泉源,也许犹如说的,之前的工作范围和吓坏了我...毕竟我是先学跑和跳 并不是走和爬....坦言地,我还是喜欢工作上给我的挑战...老天爷爷,虽然有点点临时抱佛脚且贪婪,希望您可以听见我夜夜地祷告..让我拥有更大的勇气和信心走下去...虽然我知道我拥有的幸福应该知足了..........