Thursday, 17 December 2009

Guilin China Trip

back frm guilin on sun...and the 8days trip ends's the trip?nice? just feels like back to the era of ancient. the visit places we went mostly were countrysides and villages, nanning is the 1 downtown for the whole trip...wat I learned frm this trip, DO APPRECIATE the TOILET and bathroom we have here...straggle and superannuated, poor hygenic conditions, the words used for sone villages. however, really feel syok with the cold weather here meanwhile the others wore like a 'bak zhang'? ends up everyone miss the weather thr now...hoho..and we also realise that we know nth about the real history of china even those common..really know very little, not enough 1/2 past 6...haha!!!how proud to announce??

have 2great tour guides..china tour guide has intro us an awesome drama-神医喜来乐.  a chinese version comedy of mr bean..another drama couldnt imagine how hardworking we're watching with cousins&aunties in hotels- 莲花雨(reject tour guides to arrange extra programme for us& willing to bath after it finishes...crazy crazy!!) the another local tour should i describe on him? just 5 years elder than me, this is the most reason as i think can explain how he can interact&fun with us well..he just acted like a santa clause during the trip which always can get variety of snacks, biscuits, chipmores frm his bag...n get some return for him-we always get some innovative ideas to fool both tour guides esp eric until...they dunno wat to say&keep complaining we are too naughty..

tried a diff style of steamboat which intro by eric, kfc, mcd...n the things we found the time most- mineral water which promoted by leehom with diff horoscopes, snacks&milk tea by jaychou, beers by coco lee&last but not least chef hong's instant beef noodles!!!!yummy yummy!!! photos will be uploaded asap as well as belfast n kl~~will be bck with the nice pics...;) cheers~~

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