Thursday, 26 November 2009


finally..everything has gone to the end..wat i had done in uk just become memorable memories in my life...and im stepping on msia now...just like a dream..nice dream...miss Uk?maybe...really as dory said, u will only start missing uk at the moment yr in flight...i think so? however,there's no time for me to do so...just felt damn sleepy after waiting 18hrs overnite at airport b4 get flight frm london to hk. in total of 48hrs nvr sleep for the time arrived msia. could imagine how fury were I that time? just keep scolding 'fxxk' the time get down here..mayb because of the weather which couldnt stand for and the bad behaviour treatment that i faced for..just felt totally strange of the env...just thinking of london underground when tooking erl to putrajaya..thinking of how warm hiding under the duvet when it's chilling at outside.

slept 20hours until awake by aunty, because of mummy's phone order on worrying of my break the record that i wanna reach for:30hrs...haha...there're 1ceiling fan,stand fan &aircond when sleeping in cousin's room...they worry whether im in coma since couldnt awake me for the welcome dinner &ends up get it as supper. felt funny when uncle told me about their worry last nite. feel sleepy and fishing all the ways at day and getting energetic when day getting into an owl!!!haha...

time to start seeking those food i miss alots tmr onwards..let's go!!!haha...going to meet some frens tmr...miss 'em so much..felt touch when received their calls today and chatting with them for so long...going to stay overnite with them&get a girls' talk...;P

read a news today..a korean model who just 20yrs old had commit suicided in sorry to hear this...1of my aunt just said y so stupid so easy to end her life like that?just change her job when contract ends if really couldnt stand on it..another aunt just asked me: want to jump off as well since u said wanna bang on wall when u knw gaining too much on weight? my ans was: i wun commit suicide because of this silly simple reasons. feel so stress on job,just change, get another 1.dislike that person's attitude,just ignore..gain on weight,no worry summore, terimee...easy arent?definitely wun choose this way to end my life beside fate..y stil choose the most suffer way to die since u felt so suffocated when yr alive?ends up: they laugh&said nth...

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