Monday, 22 March 2010

giving up~~

giving up-just like a warning/signal telling me the things which happened ard me these days....usually, the principe that i used to persist to the last moment i have until it really needs to be certified...i would have a mind that is it really no other solutions can be solved instead of giving up?

isnt fate depend on us(認為只有自己才是自己生命的主人)????????y.....our future really couldnt be resolved by our own?no blaming to others...just only can describe this type of difficullties as shen bu you ji....this life calls so...frens who are in trouble, i only can know n do nth here...just let them keep frustrated,sad n scratching their head on troubles...feel useless sometimes eventhough knowing tht im not supergirl which everything i can fren has to give up his studies&going to overseas for working bcoz of some big troubles keep happening....which he really wish to cond his study and he feel so resist to leave everything here....

giving up as a barista that a job im really interested at due to some reasons..this is the option i can do if comparing with keep arguing with mum and aunty bcoz of this.....actually they knw i really impossible keep sitting at home and studying not really understand the reasons mum keep not allowing me to do this n that lately...whr is my mum who gives me alots of freedom gone?keep arguing when comes to those stuff,keep giving up those i like to do....these r the sources of frustration come frm yet i can do nth..

option of giving up-should i conf further the 4last ICSA papers???becomes my contradiction rather than an aim as b4...just get a feel of giving up...........

is it the rational option of giving u up?should i really angry at u instead of giving u chances have those unreasonable reasons to hurt me rite?or shall i really have a talk with u as the step i should move forward 1st as frens suggest me?should or shouldnt i???y the things looks like simple yet quite complicated and couldnt get the source of pro, i really no idea to settle it....n realised act get the feel towards more than wat i think b4...tear really drops for these nites after have a clear pic frm beginning til the end..not dare to tell anything about u n me to frens as the way i always release to, they quite angry on this...better keep silent ba and just let it gone...anyway,wat in my mind appreciate those happiness u given me rather thn this longer keep sorry and saying yrself too bad to me pls~~~

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