Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New chap of months~march

Finally ends of feb n approaching to another mth which there’s quite lots of changes on me.
A new mth, new env, new career/study prospects and almost everything gonna be change. Unemployed (giving cutter fish to boss for eating) to be a part time student status…going to get into kl life(hustle&bustle)…seeking for part time job…it may sounds llike abit ‘bai ga lui’ and doing nth here beside stil studying,yet this is a golden chance to think twice on wat I want to do in future….
Ljmu convo just held on last sun.. really attended it with an exhausted n sleepy look bcoz of the penang trip the days b4, rushing bck frm penang n heading to kl on the day b4… felt regret to let myself on this look..haha. feeling great to meet u guys there again although left elwes amg us…the moment we are meeting.just felt that we are really awake frm uk dreams n standing on real world now..too crowded n really hard to get friends yet stil memorable to me…thks for the buddies attending n the celebration at the same nite.

Jing yein,yr going to leave on 15th …waiting u at this year end n we hang out again tht time…rmb my souvenirs(many kiwis to me)hehe…I love them so much…n also love u…do take very good care,all the best n really enjoy the life that u want there…it must b a great experience!!!dun let pui mun n I get a green hat ah,but red hat stil acceptable le..haha… …rmb rmb rmb miss us o….

Instant noodle relationship ends…lolx..i knw actually stil owe quite some of u an explain…I just can tell u as to date tht I stil rmb whn yr asking…lo mazi,susu…no worry,can said 90% version u heard lolx…no worry of me,it will b ok for me although stil bit down n sad n wat he said actually really let me got a feel on slapping him n act like a stupid on overall. susu, read yr blog..yaya,agree.tho really wish love can be settled with either love/not love, but really as the favourite song we love "没那么简单” really not such easy yet not complicated too..'看到她好像没什么似的,还是傻傻的,开开心心的' is the best way i think to further on my life..
At this moment, I dun think I really can trust any abt love and relationship (jing yein,u knw wat’s goin on le just getting serious now only.aiks)Yet, it doesn’t mean I can get away frm this fault after thinking twice. It may the problem on telling him frankly wat im thinking at now. Release would be the much better option that enough just to rmb wat good u have given me.would respect to this decision and just accept to cond be fren as he wishes to do. No point on blaming but 及时行乐,.
Lo ma zi,I knw yr more down than me now, since it had been together for long time.dont forget u stil have us neither telling not to be so sad.sometimes, it may better not to know the ans instead of knowing,..the fact may cruel to own. y not to let own leaving with the hapinesss tht left rite?as Chinese proverb,”new doesn’t coming in if old doesn’t goin to leave”,get a new lou dou for me soon..k?hehe..
everything gonna be fine..i believe ;)

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