Monday, 17 May 2010


2weeks left to grab all notes into my mind...physically n mentally stress have...everyday busy n rushing of works,handling those stupid matter which really examining my EQ and really just would like to get resolve by way else...n fighting with the nite time left for studying....n ofcoz a cup of coffee at least for everyday..;) every moment every min i have is a treasure...will i get crazy soon?thinking so...too much stress on myself which made me emo&cry easily lately...sorry guys which made trouble to u all...i knw u guys try to cheer me up yet this my problem to get away frm the nervous n scare..frankly,i stil rmb the advices tht seek frm tian hou temple...i knw i need a stronger will on my determination to go through...i want to overcome it which believe that my will can affect to my fate instead controlling by others.yet sometimes..i will think of giving up while the time migraine&gastric come together(fragile?) of attraction: i will be a strong spider,i can beat all these down n get wat i want..i want to pass my exam.i want to achieve wat i planned for my future.

would like to participate the star walk...but...nvm,there's a chance for following yr,missed twice tho...cant wait for sing k session,chilling out after exam...yuhoo!!!!!excited on that le...tho bit bit sua ku...;P

pain....should i have strong feel on this?i dunno..the moment decision made n everything seems controlled by u instead of me,i have disqualified to say so...i not dare to look back n just keep looking forward to get some way to resolve. in fact,im not those gal type which will keep crying,sad n ask u think twice for breaking up matter. wat should i response when yr fren try to explain on behalf of u? 3months past leh.significantly,u have no confident and trust me. do u ask for my view when making decision not to involve and get me apart frm all these n bear by yrself?

sometimes....i really just wish to get an ordinary life instead of excitement all the times...just a simple yet interesting life..this is wat i really not those mind with complication....happy with family n frens thts all... 'shua xin ji' really....sure lose....basically,i will just announce u as winner...'jin shui bu fan he shui'...dun kacau me la....

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