Monday, 21 June 2010

cloudy days ahead

hm...seems not a really good day for me on early the sense at a sudden last nite that i will be receiving the result usual, opened my mail accounts whn reached,  received an email which my application failed due to the feedback of interviewer need to improve english language after asking for the reason of failure. hm...feel bit down and unfair to me frankly after get this feedback. i thought the reason of failure will b my rude attitude when keep shooting by the interviewer on the same matter during the directors' session and i felt frustrated on answering them anymore. get scolded by mum bcoz of my temper whn telling her the reason of the result and the interview conversations. doubting: M i really so easy to let ppl read into my mind thru expression?sigh-iiiing...

well,it's just felt like i quite 'fan jian'(chinese) on the deed done. reject a company that i dun really want a week ago and being rejected by the co i want a week after. has a stronger determination to seek job in spore after receiving this result...just like msg/hint/guide given frm god whr should i lead to...u give,n take away from me..which yr going to give sth new into my life? anyway,further on depositing resume process  to some interested companies been searched in kl n spore..wish myself luck...i need a career,i need money to survive,need to think for my future...just put aside the other matters at this moment now..

'when u believe there's good,it'll be good'..cloudy days will be away....

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