Wednesday, 23 June 2010

demolition of pudu prison

A para frm wikipedia on introduction of our pudu jail-"The Pudu Prison was built in 1895 as a prison in Malaysia near the centre of Kuala Lumpur. It was used to house criminals including drug offenders and was a location for administering corporal punishment by rotan caning. The canings were administered in a special "caning area", so marked, not inside the building but in the grounds. It is no longer used as a prison and while it was once open as a museum, it is currently a police station and can be viewed only from the outside. (A clear view is obtained from the monorail train between Imbi and Hang Tuah stations.) Currently, it serves as a day-holding facility for prisoners attending court hearings." Pudu Prison a.k.a Pudu Jail was built by the British in 1895 as a prison in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur area and it had once displayed the world's longest mural.

This could be another landmark reminding Malaysians and tourists of the place, where local&foreign prisoners and prisoners of war from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Japanwere once held during World War 2. However, there's decision to tear down the 114-year-old prison made by gov which studied the matter and decided that it's not a heritage site and will not be turned into one. no effort being shown by gov in retaining part of the historic Pudu jail, num of objections frm various authorities which would like to preserve for posterity tho.

Despite public objection to the citys historic landmark being destroyed, demolition work continued for the project, aimed at easing traffic congestion in the area with construction of an underpass. The road expansion project costing about RM83 million will enable motorists to bypass the crossroads next to the old prison.
Besides that, gov has another plan of developing with UDA Holdings which it will becomes a mixed development zone would include a transit centre serviced apartments office spaces recreational areas hotel and commercial spaces that generates profit.

the moment watching the pudu jail being demolished whn passing by last nite, sad and regret as i can expressed and no intention to stop my walk. as own point of view, isnt a heritage much more valued than developing? anyway, there's a fact to be.

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