Saturday, 15 August 2009


time flies..left 3 weeks of being a student in my whatever i want, do whatever i can,do whatever i wish without any appearance of 'REGRET' in milestone of my life...

met a bunch of new friends during scotland trip (31st July-4th Aug).wat can i say,it' seems like abit late to know u guys..blessing tht i stil could make it before leaving here..u really did cheer my life up here with bringing alots of funs,craz-inessssss!!!!guys,really rocks!!!!

scotland trip,it's thankful frm yen n i that couldnt manage to get the ticket to Edinburgh which organised by JMU student union and we had joined this roads adventure trip!!!do enjoyed every moment we have together!thanks for GOD giving me such nice, interesting, amazing, wonderful trip and meeting up u all..we have succeeded on the challenges during the trips and of coz really thank you to our chairman/organiser/navigator-jack and the kee siao driver-elwes.frankly,freedom with interesting-i could managed to feel so during this trip-without any formal itinerary as we follow the tour usual,with the natural scene views that let ppl feel relax, enjoy etc.排山倒海,爬山涉水样样齐 也足证了--外国的月亮特别圆;星星特别明亮;清澈见底地河溪;靛蓝广阔的海洋;像似梦幻泡影的美景;淳厚清香的威士忌 etc etc....u will understand jay's song well after went through these places..wish it could be last forever...stil on holiday mode during the week after bck frm heart has left in john o' groats or other places else in scotland?

we stil able to make our plan goes on even we should damn rushing for assg that time and before they leave to belfast--steamboat.yupie yaya!!!a simple but nice,warm and full with enjoyment dinner instead of helping u guys for the clearance of food actually...

taking once

2nd taking with a stranger passed by--aminah(elwes)

3rd taking--curi tangkap

here we were-4th taking!!!finally succeed!!!

the steamboat we had

another day seems like a celebration of completing our exam instead celebration of handing in our assgs considers as supper bbq for normal yet it's dinner for us!!!'doing sth crazy' again...haha...after have a fun on bbq-ing, we have looked forward to watch perseid meteor show with various assumptions on the 'things' over the sky. however, we managed to see the meteor streaks through the night. another different wonderful matter get in LIverpool..

the food for bbq-ing


appreciate every moment I have now as a student, but then can without exam? it will be perfect on learning without any exam assessment status...

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