Saturday, 29 August 2009

time to say goodbye....

reflash bck to the day i arrived uk for study with excitement and now,i have almost completed my course and is going to leave's up and down of my feeling now?here will b my life of being a student it will gonna b for the next?alots of question actually need to think for my future..well,let it to be..

Liverpool,an amazing city i have stayed for 3months.thx GOD for giving me a chance to step on UK and gaining a great experience in my life.i will nvr nvr forget it.alots of programmes waiting for us for these days b4 leaving..appreciate and enjoy every moment we have left and it's gonna be fun!!!hooray!!!guys,rocks ya ^.^

last module exam will be on next tues..wish myself luck on doing well. i really dun wish another regret once again in study study will officially completed on 1st sept '09.and and and it's party time at night!!!!waiting for it..yea yea ;)

will be going to euro trip on 4th sept and back to london on 18sept. will be going to belfast for working on 23rd sept. it's a challenge to me isnt?take flight to there&get to the destination by own, everything gonna be new to me again.will try my best explore this city beside busy working ;) cant consider alone there,but i would like to try have such “一个人吃饭旅行(到处)走走停停,也一个人看书写信自己对话谈心” this kind of life..isnt interesting to have a try? ;) really need to thanks to him from getting a job for me, settle everything and will going to take care of me there..

feel hard on leaving this place..full of memories here..the environment, weather, education, attractions, people....greatful I could be stepped on here once in life.......believe there will be another step in future........

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