Sunday, 30 August 2009


really do MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS mummy,buddies(knw who you are,no need mention ge la,hehe), lovely-sofa,bed,car, guitar
there's a list for me MUST EAT after bck to they are:
-kl: nasi lemak ayam, carrot o juice, beef burger(mr beh,when we go to eat again?yummy yummy,but then no supper time ;P), steamboat, sushi buffet, mussels, oysters,unagi,satay etc
-ipoh:dim sum.peanut dessert, secret recipe, assam laksa, thai food,home cooked food,hakka mee, red bean ice, egg tart,wan tan mee etc
-kuantan&kuala rompin:seafood!!!curry mee,otak otak,lagsang etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

feel abit dizzy after finish reading the list?susu,yenyi,ah bek, zhang, khien,beh, agnes,kalvan, u guys must get ready for it o...yummy we go!!!!wait me back!!!slurp slurp~~~my saliva has to be out of control until nov...suffer~ing

here to say very thank you for u guys who email me, giving me concerns and lots of supports. really feel warm when receiving it always in these 3 months. it's great and very appreciate we all are stil keep in touch and nvr forget me. feel very sorry i couldnt able to attend some of friends' convo again in coming nov eventhough we have dealed before that we have to attend it together on waiting me bck frm summer course. in addition,i have missed alots of gatherings and celebrations with u guys...really very sorry because of the decision i have been made.
susu, '冒着被狗追的危险爬墙壁出来,在漆黑的夜晚躺在儿童游乐场看星星,荡秋千,爬架子...我想和我一起做那么调皮的事情的好友都还记得吧!' of course,it will nvr be deleted frm our memories isnt?hehe..and as wat i rmb(suprise that i stil rmb and recover abit frm forgetful?haha..), these just a part of wat we have done?haha...we should list 'em down in a day when we are free ^.^ we really did alots of naughty things, very funny,it's sweet and will smile all the way when retrospecting to the past now..
i will attend the gatherings, plans, trips, sing k and other programmes u guys ready for me once i arrive bck to msia..promise!!!if not spider breaks her two invisible legs le ;P

actually there's alots of ppl ask me,do u really need this job to earn money,come bck to msia and meet us?the ans actually no and i really do miss u guys. yet, I have a weird thinking in mind since dunno when.i would like to try my best not to depend on family too much to afford my study exepenses. ya,it's not necessary for me to do tht according family financial but..i stil stubborn on my weird concept ;P did some part time jobs since f5 not only gaining experience and also moving toward concept into reality,get many polls against tho =.= get loan frm my biggest ah long-TARC which ald started chasing hard after me for the obligation now to remind myself i have responsibility to own. mummy,i just wish i could prove to myself i can make it and live independently and explore in different way of life with my own. the bird will stil flying home after finish exploring.thx for yr support,mummy, i LOVE u!!!you are always my good fren and idol......

it's time to say goodbye for everything and look forward to future....wat had happened in my life, sweet and sour memories will be locked in my heart last forever............................................

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