Friday, 2 October 2009


it's the day should consider as lucky or unlucky? the time i awake on morning, found my right eyes red,swollen and look carefully on it, saw it like really abnormal as normal eye and different with those infections i had before. worried and called u up,susu and get an advice better go 2 get consultant frm doc.. feel scare and blur dunno wat should I do beforehand. get the student insurance card, money and hp then went to pharmarcy and recommended to nearest hospital( there's no clinic here, weird isnt?)belfast city hospital-nice visit attraction. @.@so many procedures b4 get towards a doc.. and need to wait at the A&E dept...(horrible dept after I felt so after IICU)geramnya...realised my insurance term has been expired few days ago meanwhile waiting there..gosh!!!i was wondering tht time, if really as wat the travel agents told us b4, 50pound at least u get a doc...spending over b4 start to work to earn money bck...

the another thing happened while waiting. get a called frm Ginza boss,said wanna hire me pulak coz there's a gal performance not so ideal after i get a job at another restaurant and will start soon...which should I choose?
Ginza: nicer pay, shorter working hours,the working place more far abit
HUngry rest: less pay, longer working hours have to work until 1am and walked bck alone

headache headache.....
till my turn finally after 1 hour has gone...a nice and pretty doc..haha...mood also better isnt?haha..after she gave me some consultancies, she told me so:"u have better eye vision for infected eye than yr normal eye'..swt....
after all over the consultancies and get the medicine, felt unbelievable when i asked her where should I pay(thought at least there's a payment counter). she just gave me a response like wat alieny language im's funny for her expression!!!haha..she replied me so, it's free!!and u can come bck anytime if stil hvn recover..hooray!!!!!i saved money again...happy happy!!! after home, another freeze day hide myself on the bed with thick duvet and reading novel..nice rest day...whee~~~

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