Monday, 19 October 2009

law of attraction~~BELIEVE

i believe...sending strong positive msg to myself...sunny days ahead soon ;)

have to start for my new job tmr onwards, i believe everything gonna be fine ;)
finally get this book 'law of attraction' by michael j.losier in a cheaper price and for sure i bought!!!yupie~~~it's useful to me and suyen, cant deny isnt it?hehe....strongly recommend it...

will be my last day for time for me wandering around...but i believe it will be interesting days for this coming month...^.^ lee mian, nvr 4get wat u said-our spirit:nvr give up!!!ya...everything gonna be fine,this is wat im telling myself now...flashing back every pictures in my pc~diploma,advance,liverpool and family&frens~~~it such memorable memories for me..miss grandma..i really miss her...and those who gave me many sweet and sour days although we ends up now just like an enemy. and i stil very dispute to hear any news about u...neither angry nor...sometimes too care of a person will just make yourself miserable...miss sokyee, pui mun u guys too,when is our next trip?miss the genting trip o...smelly bek,beh....always zat me until no day no nite but care me always...really long time din crazy with u guys's time to miss all of u ;)

thanks for my sweety mummy who really cheer me up&support me always..aunties,family members all called up, msn,fb-ing to persuade me to further my study on master...apa apa teknik semua pun keluar...just let me keep laughing on here... the main thing is,really let me felt touch u guys really know wat im thinking&worrying for eventhough nvr tell u all b4 since im so stubborn on it...just let me felt wanna cry tht day..told mummy wat is my plan for and ends for this persuading war for a week..if not my ears and eyes cond get tortured..

as wat i know frm sista, our house has renovated again&almost the furnitures get a new 1..even pillow,bedsheets, the main gate&windows wat mummy's reason~~welcome me home @.@ always given those weird reason...wondering could i recognise my home when bck to ipoh? besides that, thanks for waiting me back&home and then get for our family trip..thanks for giving me a warm family which nvr left me alone.....

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