Monday, 16 November 2009

what to do???

Suddenly dig this out frm files in pc..
咖啡闻起来很香, 很诱人但是喝不惯的就会说咖啡很苦, 很难喝. 爱喝咖啡的人就会觉得咖啡很香,有股入口即化诱人的味道,尤苦到甘,由甘至甜的感觉就像人生.
咖啡其实就像人一样, 有些人外表看起来彬彬有礼, 其实居心叵测. 有些人外表平凡, 但却拥有一颗善良的心. 你或许很相信你的一位朋友, 当他遇到困难时, 你尽心尽力的帮他. 可是当你遇到困难时, 第一个逃跑的就是他, 背叛你的也是他. 单纯的以为你待他好, 他也一样会待你好. 其实事实并不是这样. 没有雪中送炭反而落井下石. 因为朋友的背叛让你从此失去了信任别人的信心. 没了互信, 大家总爱互相猜测, 这样的友谊也不长久, 不只是友情, 我想爱情也一样吧!
朋友的背叛让你的心有了一道难以磨灭的疤痕, 这到疤痕到底何时才会痊愈?
可笑的是, 当曾经背叛你的人出现在你面前, 再一次向你求助时你依然狠不下心弃他不顾, 依然尽力帮他. 这是为什么? 要狠下心真的这么难吗? 明明知道他只想利用你, 想骗你, 你依然甘愿被他利用, 被他骗. 为的只是不想看到他那伤心的模样, 为的是因为他是你的朋友. 这样到底值不值得? 是因为我笨, 我容易心软吗?
Susu, rmb what u wrote before? Yea,I stil believe on the theorey:once be a fren, frenship forever. friendship couldn’t be ever if there’s no trust among. And the scar still in my heart. No matter how far im hiding on, I stil can receive her news. Susu, I think my mum really know me too well.even suggest me to get master with her in aus. Better kill me off. Im happy being an ostrich enjoying my life here tho, but it’s time for me to stand up and face it again rite?

My result has released, another again to prove sth to myself..again lack the 2marks to get second upper and my appeal has not been considered…and the stupid tarc officer keep calling me asked why not to attend the convo. I really fed up until would like to tell her, you are making international calls, im sleeping and no need persuade me to attend since Im not pass in excellent result wat. Anyway, wish to congratz to all frens who attended the convo last’s time to tell myself don’t have any good qualification basis on study, better not to waste any money to afford on my further study. Isn’t? There’s an idea appear on mind lately. can I get another diploma on architecture instead further on maste? wish to do sth that I like and interested, it may get high possibility on many objection votes. I think I have too much freedom now & make me act so wild and irrational!

Happy hour here: aunt tsyen, bday rite, couldn’t celebrate for u on that day tim(I think u also wont celebrate with me but someone else who important?fast fast get a 1 ;P). how about b4 or after is it ok for u? stil using the same num?will text u when im bck k?just let me know how do u think k? Esmei,lee mian,lady boss,u&ck,it’s time to treat me makan makan…yummy yummy….ellena ner,dun 4get out ipoh meet…no matter how it will be,must happy always o ;)
Til my turn for job hunting now lu…aiks…wish I could get nice lucky goes around, borrow frm ms tang&ms eng 1st…ekeke

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