Sunday, 15 November 2009

msia land

8days to go, I can step legs on msia land..hohoho!!!!going to sleep damn enough, eat alots…others?throw it away!!!hooray!!!sokyee, I admit im a hungry ghost din get any food at previous, but thn stil need bring me to seek for nice food ok?muahaha…
Abit feel retarded to leave again..really dislike those feel..aiks..will miss the collegues here.. the weather here too I think so?at least wun be a roast pig as in msia…3/4c has a totally big diff with 30c. which celcius yr prefer? thx for the caring esp when im sick. keep asking me not to back so earlier, staying here til next yr and arrange programmes&eating as more as u can before im leaving. (*ends up keep gaining on weight now…just slim down for the 1st week of working..haiz…really wanna bang on wall!!!frens,do u stil recognize a pig when I bck to msia?)
thx for the great farewell too!!we went to the best known thai cuisine here and treat me really a big feast(*guess,how much it costs for?), actually we all very poor tho. the 2nd time went this restaurant within 2months being here..rmb our secret,2k pound, im waiting for yr big feast in msia since couldn’t get a nice Japanese feast with u all when reaching the target soon…hehe… my pleasure to be working&be a part in this branch if compare to other branches..jack,elwes dun too envy thr, our branch let ppl criticized as an old folks home @.@ so u have a ‘bright future’ thr instead…love u all so much..special thnks dedicated to

Dory- manager who ex sot tarcian ‘07. She’s cute&really a nice people. Can crazy all the time yet very serious while there’s customer. Frankly, I also would like to stay as u asked me to do so…
Adrian- another new comers&nice people who also ex sot tarcian&just stayed nearby my house. Such coincident.haha. Really thx for yr accompany to get rid every nite, taught and helped me alots.
Crystal-another ‘sister’ here. Dunno wat words should be used to describe…anyway, nice to work with 3 of u…
Kin&soon- main chefs here who helpful.always cook nice food. I will nvr forget the instant noodles u guys cook for us. Haha
peter&others- feel grateful to work with u esp peter, the only 1 angmo, meet u at short time tho. ;)
Nvr forget how we fun during the times, how to run off like crazy ppl to get rid of buses, eat food during working, do whatever u would like to do..
In short,it’s really a happy working family!!  

Post up the pics in belfast asap ya..but no guarantee o..i think seldom to update my blog soon after bck to msia..since im the kind of hardworking ppl…ekeke

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