Tuesday, 1 September 2009

last module for degree

the time i should...scratching my head on book and im here now so hardworking on random blogging!!!!!gonna have my last module exam tmr!!!!~better give me a slap~feel so reluctant for leaving+ moody to ready for exam+wish to go for festival+get more time to be with friends=weird feeling I have now...how should i describe for it?

feel really warm to receive sms frm mummy when studying just now.only realise how long have been didnt skype and msn with them.here there are"girl.the luggage get shipped bck ald?those important doc must keep properly esp the passport.dun left it in luggage and ship it bck,you stil need to use it.must put properly!dun be so careless,forget this and that.must take good care of yrself." frankly,i have forgotten abt it and luckily my luggage stil here ;P chat with them through sms, and get a reply of 'dun nervous,relax wow,dun think so much and sleep early' when telling her gonna sit for last module exam, may not able to get 2nd upper for degree and feel very sorry because of a big mistake i have made here. this is wat mum usually ask me to do when i have exam,not asking me to study hard, go for sleep instead =.= and get a call frm uncle &aunty who live in canada,they just wish me to pass and stay happy&healthy. really will feel self-condemned sometimes. i ald cant get an excellent result on study performance as other cousins have made,only the 1 have to spend alots to afford my study butim the most who u gusy care on.

have missed out 2 chances of getting merit for diploma and advance because lack of 0.02.i really dont wish it will happen on me again and could get wat i want. how optimistic should i be for this?"我坚持的 都值得坚持么 我所相信的 就是真的么 如果我敢追求 我就敢拥有么 而如果都算了 不要呢" quoted frm a song, this is wat in my mind now'......time to study again.....wish myself really have a luck and all the best~~~if u believe u can,u can

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