Saturday, 26 September 2009

belfast~~amazing city ep2

2nd day:
whoa~~such a nice day!!!can sleep until awake naturally!!!said no when Zhyen asking me to follow him to restaurant. it's a good day for exploring Belfast city with the travel guide and infor he get to me isnt?it's time to read&digest all the books, feels like getting to exam soon!!!lolx. it's really an amazing city to stay on besides liverpool(at least the people here wouldnt be a 'drunk ghost' at the night?). another thing realised, almost the Hk citizen getting around here. all the people I made frens with are frm HK. get dinner at an authentic thai cuisine restaurant-The Golden Elephant, a luxury restaurant being owned by HK citizen. I swear, I would never dare to step in if seeing any this kind of restaurant in UK. the food there really nice, and of course expensive too. keep listening to the songs we had always fun around-I gotta feeling, Hatin on the club etc when entering into the shops during shopping. really miss the moments~~

3rd day:
another exploring day with his aunt. went to St George's market and chose the crabs for our dinner. took the city sightseeing bus looking ard the city after some festivals and wandering around. tht's a nice flavour of choc&marshmallows crepe tasted here. after get some shopping, get dimsum for hightea/dinner. it feels familiar, traditional menu originated frm HK. miss the dimsum in Ipoh...nice seafood big feast&home-cooked soup for dinner/supper... how much big feast should cond after knowing I had put on weight in total of 7kg after liverpool,euro and london trip!!!terrible weight isnt?gosh..

4th day:
call bck to say happy birthday to mum in the early of mum beat with sis-i will forget her bday..this is wat she told me when i greet her @.@ actually...thanks to tech adv now-reminder..haha.mum told me some funny talks between Zhyen and his mum about me..he really funny until..dunno what should I say..really feel strange after nvr meet him up for few yrs..I think same to him too..excited to knw wat will happening next on during my days~~ ciao

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