Saturday, 26 September 2009

things in mind~~

drafted this for some time& not able to get chance to upload after bck frm Europe and London. Just feel moody and tired to walk around in London, felt something needed to boost energy to further on my trip/ sleep for whole day without bothering any matter around.
time really flies..until I felt couldnt manage to cope with the changes around. felt abit lonely and confusing. is it because the incidents happened around me lately?or... everything goes blank in my mind now and for future as well. start missing family, buddies, friends, food,home etc...and without hesitation, the days in liverpool with u guys!!!days for scotland trip,Land's end long I would take to recover frm emo? moving towards rather than emo-ing there to reflash bck previous days, this is wat i can do isnt? The feeling I have now--

had been the countries and places that would like to go for in my life..esp NETHERLANDS!!!whoa~~like this country since primary and the autumn season in Paris!! really awesome and marvelous!!feel grateful had been stepping on so many countries when I only 22!!! just feel regret couldnt get myself visit the tulip farm which tulip is my favourite plant and lavender farm in southest of UK. learnt few languages eg Italy and really gain knowledge through this europe trip. feel happy going to have my days in belfast for autumn season which i had dreamed before and I have made it during my uni life(thought it may take many yrs to realise my dream..ekeke)

thanks for everyone to cherish my days in liverpool~~mayyi, esmee, lee min, ellena, yen, chiun siew, ckeat, elwes, jack,si yuan...etc feel grateful to know u----all the best there and do take good care!!waiting for our reunion in msia!!!muackssss

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