Saturday, 26 September 2009

belfast~~amazing city

4th day in belfast..quite dramatic frm the day I reached here until today. this is wat I can tell if you're going to ask wat feeling I have to be do really take good caqre of me until dunno wat words I should use for to express my u judge on it after reading the stories below?hehe..lucky?good or well?

1st day:
although really bad luck during the way frm London to Belfast, the station i should catch for my train through online booking is not available and need to further to another train station rushing up for my journey. being charged for my luggage overloaded although had scaled on it few times before to airport which shown less than 15kg!!! my flight was delayed & the time I reached here was raining @.@ how difficult for me to get the right way to lisburn. fortunately, he called me up few times once down frm the flight& given me the directions. I only rmb I had totally forgotten to get some souvenirs for him and his aunt during the trips which keep reminding by mum before that tho.get scolded when calling up my mum to tell so, and the most terrible thing is, she thought im stil in europe -.- (just rmb to sms me wat to buy for her always but forget wat i told her--my mum)

decided to give my multi-purpose knife which bought in Swiss(only thing suitable for guy in luggage ;P) and a bottle of dkny perfume for them since they really take care of me( ready a room, bed, duvet cover everything for me when I was stil in Liverpool, asked what I need& keep asking when I will arrive)..say bye to my multi-purpose knife because of my careless...
Zhyen picked me up at the train station with my boss-chrisr&bought me to somewhere else. he is the 1 who said I look like my mum, will she feel happy after this?(spoilt her reputation.-she always care on.lolx) after so, he brought me to choose&pay for my working shoes & pants. how paiseh was I that time?

Ginza- Japanese restaurant, my working place was next on. env here very nice&of course the menu prices very fantastic too. lolx. get an interview by big boss and get dinner in the restaurant with other waiting staff.Im only the girl staff here& only know chris wont hire girl staff usually. met an ex tarcian 07' senior here who is my collegue. feel very fishy when chat with him for so long with cantonese and only knw he's frm JB and couldnt speak it well after that. Ranger!!!its cool man!!!!big boss fetched me home with this(should only will be home waiting for Zhyen finish his working at 1st)...wondering how many nice cars being seated during this 1/2 yr in Uk? feel comfort the time reached home, and again very paiseh...he let his room out for me..haiz...

to be cond..... ;)

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